Foxfield Elementary buzzed with excitement on that very cold, pre-Halloween morning. A huge poster in glitter and blue filled the cafeteria/stage door.

                                         AUDITIONS FOR THE FIFTH GRADE PLAY
                                                           INSIDE OUT
                                            FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd 3:15 P.M.

                                   IF INTERESTED, SEE MS. FAIRFAX FOR A SCRIPT.

        Am I interested?  Just then Heather, my best friend, ran up to me out of the kids crowding the poster.

       “Did you see it?  Are you going to?  Oh, my God, I am so excited!”
       "To answer your questions:  yes, I saw it; are you kidding, of course, I am; and I also am so excited I can hardly stand it!

        We then started jumping up and down in unison like we always do when something cool happens like when we found out we were going to be in Mrs. Ray’s piano class together. 

       I had only known Heather since my first day at Foxfield at the end of September but it seemed that we had been best friends forever.  Our dealing with the Foxfield Four, a group of girl bullies, drew us even closer together and now we can’t imagine a day at school without each other. Over walked Andrew and Hermy, two good friends of ours that also happen to be boys.
      “Hey, guys, Hermy and I thought that we’d try for a part in Inside Out; what do you think?  I mean neither of us has ever been in a play before, but the auditions always seem to be heavy on the girl side.”  Andrew, or as I like to call him  “Shakespeare,” loved reading more than anything so to have him even a bit interested in trying out for the play was really something.  His green eyes and chestnut brown hair made him very interesting to some of the other fifth grade girls, but Andrew didn’t seem to notice all the attention.  Plus he just happened to be the smartest boy in the grade.  To Heather and me “Shakespeare” was just Andrew, a great friend and a super kid.
      “I think that it’s a great idea!  We could all have so much fun together!” “Heather’s right.  I always wonder why more boys don’t try out for the plays;

I mean look at all the great male actors that we see in the movies all the time.”
     "Well, since you put it that way, I’m definitely in,” smiled Hermy, still munching on the remainder of the donut that he had stolen from his own lunch bag.  He once told me that his mom packed him two of everything so I guessed that another donut lay ready and waiting for lunchtime.  “I could use all the coolness I can get!” he added.  I guess that out of all the fifth grade boys, Hermy’s first impression might not be so great, but when you got to know him you realized that Hermy was definitely cool, in a Hermy sort of way that is.  He wasn’t what you would call athletic, or super bright, or mega handsome; he was just our friend Hermy whose heart of gold made him great friend material.

      “It’s almost time for homeroom, but do you think we have time to pick up a script first?”  Heather still beamed with excitement.
      “Let’s go,” encouraged Andrew. 
      “Hey, who knows?  I may turn out to be Foxfield’s own Brad Pitt!”  Hermy added.

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